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AI in Manufacturing | Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry

Leveraging AI to Augment your Manufacturing Business



The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Product Quality

Difficult to maintain superior levels of quality and to conform to quality regulations and standards.

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Unplanned Maintenance

Maintenance of machinery and equipment is costly and impacts the manufacturing operation.

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Skilled Labor

Unable to find skilled labor because of the old education system.

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Project Management

Incompetent project management, leading to missed deadlines, revenue loss, and dissatisfied customers.

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Customer Service Applications

Inability to provide self-service applications, leading to bad customer service.

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Cyber Security

Primitive systems, leading to a loss in revenue, loss of trust, and so on.

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Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Process

Utilizing the benefits of AI to enhance and improve the manufacturing of products.


Effective Project Management

By using our AI manufacturing software, which provides universal resource planning, manufacturing companies can rapidly alter the schedule and allocate resources that are available based on the foreseen completion date of the project or defined tasks/roles required. This solution can also be utilized for inventory management, vendor management, project time management, and so on.

This project management AI software is specifically designed for manufacturing companies for performing management and administration tasks without or minimum human intervention. It not only executes typical tasks that are performed by humans, but anticipates the need of the task itself, comprehends its essence, and proposes the best solution for the problem. The absence of reliable human intelligence is replaced by good computational capability

AI-based Designs

OSP’s AI-based designs solution reduces the time it takes for manufacturers to assess new ideas. This method of designing products involves getting a comprehensive brief defined by engineers and designers as input into an AI manufacturing software (or procreative design software). The instructions can consist of information describing the restrictions and other factors such as available manufacturing methods, budget boundaries and time constraints, material types, and so on. Before finalizing the best solution, the algorithm explores every conceivable configuration.

The most important advantage of this AI manufacturing design is it’s completely impartial. Everything is verified according to the actual performance by a wide range of manufacturing situations and circumstances.


OSP Labs’ Chatbot-based query system allows customers, managers, vendors, and so on to ask the status of supplies through a messaging application using their smartphone or computer. Queries can be objective rather than detailed, and Chatbots can be utilized for order fulfillment and delivery as well because people from various departments can communicate with each other even in different time-zones.

This system assists employees get precise information about various processes quickly, eradicating the need to log on to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This solution helps manufacturing companies get a better understanding of their products, methods, vendors, as well as customers.

AI-based Email and Meeting Assistant

This solution provides an artificial intelligence based personal assistant to manufacturing organizations that rosters meetings for them. This solution ensures that all the emails that are received are responded to in a customized (depending on the context of the email) manner. All communications coming from customers and associates are administered, and meetings are set-up with them at a time that is suitable for the user.

AI-based Data Analysis

Our artificial intelligence based data analysis platform for manufacturing companies gathers data from employees, methods, legacy systems, and so on, converts it into a self-learning database and then computerizes monotonous business and IT methods, allowing human power to resolve important customer issues, which involve imagination, desire, and creativity. With the help of this solution, organizations can ascertain opportunities to improve, streamline, and automate complex business processes and procedures. Data analysis through our AI-based platform not only automates repetitive and mundane tasks but gives you an edge against your competitors.

Adoption of the Evolving Market

Our artificial intelligence based analysis platform analyzes the latest trends in the manufacturing industry, suggests changes that can be implemented in your business, and also highlights the benefits that it will bring. AI manufacturing algorithms can also be utilized to augment manufacturing supply chains, helping your organization foresee market changes. This gives you an enormous advantage, moving from a conservative/response mentality, to a tactical one. This AI algorithms based solution articulates estimates of market demands by identifying patterns, macroeconomic and socioeconomic factors, climate patterns, radical status, customer behavior, and so on. This data is priceless to manufacturers as it allows them to elevate staffing, control inventory, predict energy consumption and supply of raw materials.

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AI-based Quality Control

OSP Lab’s AI-based manufacturing quality control solution uses AI algorithms to notify manufacturing teams of initial production faults that might cause product quality issues. Faults could consist of abnormalities in formulas, delicate irregularities in machine performance, change in raw materials, and so on. By identifying and fixing these issues early, a high-level of quality can be maintained. Also, the artificial intelligence solution in manufacturing empowers manufacturers to accumulate data about the performance and use of their products and goods in the field. This data can be utilized by the product development teams to make strategic and tactical manufacturing decisions.

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Smart Maintenance

We offer an AI-based manufacturing software with prognostic maintenance capability, which predicts the failure of a part, machine or system. Prognostic maintenance utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms in the form of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Machine Learning (ML) to articulate predictions about asset failure. This drastically reduces the cost involved in unexpected downtime and allows the timely maintenance of machines and equipment. AI in manufacturing briefs technicians about the components that need inspection and which tools and methods to use, resulting in attentive maintenances that are planned.

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Customer Self-Service Applications

Customers consist of end-customers, vendors (or contractors), and so on. All these customers have different needs, requirements, and concerns for working with and interacting with manufacturers.
Our artificial intelligence based self-service applications are self-sufficient and do not require any human intervention. Customers can check the status of their order, can raise a Service Request (SR) to get an issue resolved, and so on. Self-service has become a necessity for providing an excellent customer experience. Our applications enable manufacturing companies to provide resolution to customers' issues without calling a customer support agent (reducing human resources cost). Customers can rapidly resolve their issues or find answers to their questions. This allows them to become more familiar with your organization’s products and services.

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