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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Inadequate Legacy Systems

The insurance market is loaded with traditional legacy systems that have not been updated for decades and do not conform to customer requirements.

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Manual Statistical Sampling

Manual Statistical Sampling

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Poor Customer Experiences

3.Insurance policy structures are blurred, paper-based and dependent on specific employee execution.

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Increasing Operating Costs

4.An increase in the operating costs of the insurance industry has resulted in errors and lapses, causing a severe drain on the industry.

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Lower Reimbursements

5.Insurers are struggling with lower reimbursement rates and policies that are affecting overall revenue and profits.

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Lack of Confidence

6.Customers are apprehensive about taking on insurance policies due to the tedious processes involved.

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AI Insurance to Disrupt the Insurance Market

Our solutions leverage AI for insurance companies to enhance savings and improve the overall customer experience.


Adoption of Touchless Claims

As per the traditional process, claims are made to scan through various employees, which severely harness the quality of the process.  Through AI for insurance, an automation is executed into the process of ‘touchless’ claims, where processing is undertaken bereft of any human intervention. The technology adopts automation features towards reporting, capturing, auditing and communication. With faster processing comes faster reimbursement.


This AI insurance claims solution deploys a communication app on related customers’ phones for speedy interaction. The technology of natural language processing and sentiment analysis makes automated and integrated communication possible, allowing for customization towards customers’ needs as has never been done before. Through this technology, questions can be answered, claims can be resolved, products can be sold, leads can be addressed, and coverage issues can be identified.

Personalized Sales Technology

Considering the competitive nature of the insurance industry and as a means to tackle the same, an innovative AI insurance claims solution offers personalized sales strategies that focuses on the profile and demographics of a population and provides suggestions toward relevant products. Not only can it offer customers the benefit of a personalized insurance plan, but the automation feature can alert insurance companies on risky customers, without the need for invasive questioning.


A top notch solution of AI for insurance industry specialists is one that leverages wireless communication to supply insurance companies with meaningful data from customers. This is executed in an automated fashion through GPS tracking via wireless communication.  This technology is capable of tracking traffic conditions, risk factors, etc. that eventually lead to fewer claims processing, an understanding of the customer mind-set, and eventually higher customer satisfaction.

Machine Learning for Data Mining

When deploying AI for insurance industry executives, the ability to generate a meaningful analysis of data that is collected from customers is a paramount resource toward improving the bottom line and overall profit. Modern customers require modern technologies to be able to see benefit and data mining the answer that promises to fulfill the evolving demands of customers and the needs of the insurance and claims companies.

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AI-based Insurance Framework

Using a large variety of deep learning algorithms, OSP Labs creates gradients and linear models that can be deployed on a cloud-based platform, locally or nationally, to significantly enhance the process of risk and fraud analysis, improve customer retention rates, boost sales through advertisements, and streamline insurance procurement process through automated systems.

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Virtual Assistants for Insurance Advice

OSP Labs deployed a virtual adviser through robo advisors that significantly the level of customer service provided by an insurance company. Our AI-based insurance solution offers a personal health assistant that can intelligently analyze personal customer requirement and offer them meaningful advice in return, based on the inputs received.

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Machine Learning AI-based Insurance Solution

We at OSP Labs, offer a digitized platform towards aiding risk management through machine learning capabilities that analyze variant data sources. The customer data is collectively stored for meaningful usage of assessing conditions that affect the insurance of the customer, allowing tailored product sales. Prevention advice is handed out to risk-prone customers and fraud likelihood is highlighted through this AI-based insurance solution.

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