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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Delivery of Reports and Analysis

Customary business intelligence protocols are complicated and very few employees within the company handle them. Reporting and analysis is therefore considered a tedious task that is left on these few individuals.

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Multiple Reporting Systems

Businesses today have systems that collect volumes of data in relation to their operations. The data is unstructured and rarely on a common platform. Access of this data, therefore, turns into a tedious task.

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Unlocking Buried Data

3.Data that is available, but unstructured, can do more harm than good. Inaccessible data, locked up in complex systems, takes up significant employee time and slows the entire process flow of the business.

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Cost of Reporting

Traditional business intelligence tools are not cost-effective and unidentified costs often prop up when it’s too late. Large investments are made toward reporting software, which is compounded by maintenance and support costs.

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Lack of Mobility

Business systems are evolving towards increased mobility and cross device functionality is the key. Employees and executives need to be accessible, while on the move, and traditional systems are not up to the task.

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AI-based Business Intelligence Tools to Increase Value and Profits

Intelligent systems that adapt to your business needs and offer advanced analytics


Data Analytics Platform

With volumes of unstructured data, identifying and accessing the relevant data is almost impossible in an efficient and timely manner. Through our AI business intelligence software, data analytics is executed in an automated fashion and relevant data can be retrieved promptly. A centralized data warehouse that intelligently categorizes data based on analytics is the answer to all business data woes.

Embedded Analytics

Our AI-based business intelligence tools can integrate content and perform analytics through business applications, which provide relevant details in an automated fashion and save a considerable amount of time and energy of the individual involved towards the task at hand. Regular use applications are empowered through AI capabilities and workflows are transformed to be simpler.

Data Warehousing

While incorporating AI for business intelligence, data warehousing is an important feature that consolidates all the data from different sources and provides a holistic picture for swift and intelligent decision making. Through this tool, the business’ overall picture can be viewed coherently and strategic decision making is considerably simplified.

Data Management

Through the infusion of AI for business intelligence Analytics, data management is automated by computer-based techniques that identify, extract, and analyze business data and provide meaningful interpretations. The unstructured data is further intelligently classified for timely and efficient retrieval, improving overall operations.

Data Preparation

Another capability of AI in business intelligence is the preparation of data for key business functions. This is undertaken by collecting, cleaning, and consolidating data into a common folder that can then be utilized to undertake analytics. This method is fairly useful in combining data from multiple sources and providing a comprehensive picture.

Text Analysis

This solution of AI in business intelligence is executed by analyzing texts to retrieve machine-intelligible facts and creating formatted data from unstructured and free information.  Business data is analyzed to create meaningful content that can be used to enhance business operations.

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Conversational Analytics

Among our AI business intelligence solutions is a conversational analytics tool set to revamp the way in which businesses use devices to communicate. This form of analytics is swiftly evolving into a critical need for businesses that are looking to engage their customers and identify their needs. Finally, our multi-faceted analytics platform is geared toward improvising user experience and providing sentiment analysis of customers through enhanced social listening, along with a higher customization feature to increase customer engagement.

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Data Visualization

This AI business intelligence solution uses business data and gives it meaning through the presentation of graphs or informative pictorials. This can aid executives toward better decision-making and provide a holistic picture of the business needs and outcomes. Analytics are accumulated and presented visually through automated features, interactive abilities are embedded into the software, and new patterns are identified and highlighted.

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Real-time Data Analysis

A breakthrough solution for businesses, our real-time data analysis provides a deeper understanding of relevant business data with its connecting factors for comprehensive understanding. Through the adoption of this form of analysis, weak areas are easy to detect, corrective measures can be adopted in a timely fashion, and lost revenue can be salvaged. A critical means to stay ahead of the competition, this solution spans the entire business model and value chain and allows the business to gain access to insights and valuable feedback that significantly reduces performance risk and drives business growth.

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