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AI based Trading Risk Management Software Solutions

Next generation trading risk management with the Power of AI



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Trading Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Unable to understand the current market sentiments and predict the potential risk for a specific stock.

Stock Data Management

Stock Data Management

Inability to monitor, analyze and store vast amounts of stock trading data for trading risk management.

Parameter Selection

Choosing the right parameters from the vast pool of trading parameters to discover the right investment avenues.

trading real time analysis

Real-time Analysis

Inability to perform real-time predictive stock ranking and losing the right opportunities.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Inefficiency in automated technical analysis essential to track market movements and analyze the market in real-time.

Trading Prediction Accuracy

Prediction Accuracy

Inaccurate trading risk predictions or wide scale of approximate measure hindering the right decision making.

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AI-driven Trading Risk Management Process

A well-structured AI-driven approach to learn from the market and mitigate trading your risks for profitable trading.


Data Importing & Preparation

In stock market risk management techniques, data importing and preparation is a crucial step. We leverage AI-based data scrapping tools to scrap a massive amount of trading data from SEC filings, technical indicators, price patterns, and sentiment analysis based on news, blogs, analyst reports, and social media feeds.

Training and Testing data

To train and test the collected and unsegmented data multiple diverse approaches can be applied such as the time series bootstrap re-sampling and time series cross-validation etc. By using the appropriate technique, training and testing of data are performed.

Data Scaling

The custom electronic trading risk management software or ETRM software helps in interpreting complex correlations between trading stocks’ hundreds of attributes and their past performance. The data is scaled based on the set parameters for effective segmentation.

Trading Risk Models

A full-scale trading risk analysis platform that utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and your historical data. The financial risk management software system automatically builds, validates and deploys high-performing trading risk models.

AI-based Stock Advisors

Several dozen different investment algorithms subjected to over a million trading scenarios overnight to arrive at a subset with the highest probability for alpha in the next market session. The next-gen algorithms in trading risk management software have the potential to create, modify, and delete relationships between different financial assets.

Stock Ranking

Based on the relationships, the historical stock data, and the current market data, the algorithm is able to make the prediction and offer the potential risk in trading a particular stock. Since the algorithm keeps on learning from its previous predictions and is continuously readjusting the relationships, it adapts quickly to fluctuating market situations.

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Stock Risk Scoring

The stock risk scoring is the next-gen risk management stock trading in today's time. Our AI-based trading risk management software solutions do the in-depth monitoring of the market constantly to identify the trading signals. These AI-driven trading risk management tools analyze a vast amount of data, including SEC filings, stock price patterns, market indicators, and sentiment analysis based on current news, analyst reports, blogs, and social media feeds.

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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is one of the most advanced stock market risk management techniques. A real-time news sentiment analysis to provide you with a clear signal into the current movement of prices in the market. Our sentiment algorithm delivers concise and unbiased financial sentiments to tell you how the market is responding with the stocks you care about.

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Advanced Portfolio Management

Advanced portfolio management to help you to take control of your investments in the right direction and perform risk management in trading futures. Next-gen trading algorithms conduct a ‘ quantitative analysis that includes a huge number of simulated trades against multiple stock trading concepts.

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