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Healthcare Consulting

OSP’s team of experienced healthcare experts offers quality healthcare consulting services for providers and health plans. Our team includes experts on enterprise software platforms, US government programs, digital innovation, and business operations.

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Enterprise Applications

OSP is proficient and experienced in building robust enterprise applications to address your complex and sophisticated software needs and execute your digital transformation lifecycle. We have comprehensive customized tools to solve your healthcare challenge.

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Healthcare Solutions Enhancement

Optimizing the healthcare system is essential for better productivity and quality performance. OSP’s team of developers can enhance and upgrade the healthcare solutions in modules, security, or interoperability sections with new custom components.

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Dedicated Quality Assurance

OSP’s QA team can resolve the challenges of disrupted workflow and application safety. We offer assurance in product quality with multiple levels of quality testing, including usability, performance, localization, and security testing.

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Custom Stock Charting Solutions

Our custom AI-driven stock chart analysis software solutions let you track almost any condition, not just trading signals. It helps you define the right market scan, to let you know when that condition has occurred in any instrument. You can even generate orders from such scans. Being a custom-made artificial intelligence stock trading software with AI, scanning the market, predicting the market movements with higher accuracy is made possible with better success.

Our stock market charting solution helps to search hundreds of stocks & futures, according to in-built queries as well as user-defined criteria on a real-time and EOD basis. You can see scan results in Live Grid and add other relevant information into this grid-like trading strategy and indicators values, to get additional insights into the stock market.


Multiple timeframe analysis is observing the same currency pair across multiple time frequencies such as 5 minutes, daily, monthly, etc. A modern stock market prediction software offers next-gen charting layout feature with multiple charts per layout to analyze an asset on multiple time frames. Pattern recognition software has the potential to generate a big picture of market movements at different timeframes for you to discover trading signals of future price movements.

Our AI-based stock market system combines different time frames of data, indicators, trading signals as well as trading strategies to offer chart analysis. Your charts can mix and match and compared at multiple time frames in data streams, indicators, trading signals, and trading strategies as well as other instrument data. OSP’s trading charting software solutions let you combine daily, as well as weekly, bars in the same trading system. You can build a single trading system with a minute and hourly bar.


OSP’s stock market pattern recognition software offer real-time stock charts analysis that can help you forecast predicted performance of price patterns under varying market conditions effortlessly, and enhance your trading strategies. Popular pattern signals, based on millions of historical data points, give you more tradable data. Our AI-based custom stock market pattern recognition software measures the quality of each pattern based on multi-dimensional technical analysis.


An advanced code editor is highly essential to boost the efforts of trading with successful results. A cutting-edge stocks prediction software with a code editor helps in creating scan queries, technical indicators, trading, and quality optimizations. A function finder, auto code saving, code protection, error reporting and more options offered by an artificial intelligence stock trading software can help traders to optimize their trading strategies at any point of time.

OSP’s stock charting software solution offers state-of-the-art code editor for developing applications of any level of complexity level. As the code editor and the trading platform are connected, the compiled programs generated become automatically available in OSP’s AI- stock charting solutions and can be immediately executed. The code editor recognizes multiple patterns of the language, gives suggestions on how to use functions, as well as it highlights different elements of the program’s source code.


Trading in common terms is purchasing stocks and holding on to them for long term gains. Options trading is a modern way of trading that includes purchasing and selling options contracts on public exchanges.  To gain the huge potential rewards through options trading, AI for stock trading analysis software with option analysis feature can prove the best option for the traders.

OSP offers next-gen trading charting software solutions, where analytics that enables users to swiftly price changes in an option’s price concerning unit changes in the Greek values. It does this through via an intuitive point-and-click interface, using the option pain, put-call ratio, volatility smile, and other proprietary tools to enhance your trading experience. Using our stock charting system, you may pass the order to the trading system, once you validate the payoff, using the AI-based option analysis solution.


Strategy backtesting with AI is the procedure of testing the predictive ability of artificial intelligence algorithms for a given trading strategy. An advanced stock market pattern recognition software can streamline strategy backtesting to assess the algorithm recommendations and validate the trading strategy performance. Customized AI-based stock chart analysis software solutions offer advanced strategy backtesting.

The trading strategy backtest allows testing your system’s overall performance on the given historical data. The simulation is conducted on portfolio-level as in real-life, with multiple securities traded at the corresponding time, each having user-definable position sizing rule. The trading chart analysis software solutions have an Exchange Simulator that is mainly used in backtesting mode but can also be used in live trading. An Execution Model includes the logic which decides whether an order gets executed under the prevailing market situation and in what portion.

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