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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

Image Data Extraction

Data Extraction

Inability to extract object, pattern, and sentiment data seamlessly from images.

Weak Data Management

Weak Data Management

Inability to monitor, analyze and store vast amounts of image data for classification and identification.

Image Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Weak data visualization is hindering the interactivity of predictive image analytics for users.

Image Comparison

Image Comparison

Inability to compare multiple images to identify, objects, faces and patterns effectively.

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition

Inability to recognize the pattern of object placing and sentiments from images efficiently.

Weak Analytics

Weak Analytics

Outdated predictive analytics, providing incomplete analysis and insights of image data.

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Advanced AI-powered Image Analytics Process

Reimagining the vision with the real-time image analytics AI software solutions with remarkable accuracy.


Image Recognition

At OSP, we leverage artificial intelligence to help our clients boost their retail execution and merchandising. Our solutions incorporate breakthrough AI algorithms can instantly analyze and recognize millions of product items based on shelf pictures from any source. To train your artificial intelligence model, collection the images called a dataset is needed. OSP’ image analytics AI software has customized machine learning model designed to enhance in time based on a data feedback loop. Machine learning flow is based on newly generated image data and feedback for the current model performance. The AI in image analytic solutions are customized to recognized objects, people, faces, and sentiments.

Image Classification

Our AI in image analytics helps in image classification to differentiate one object from another. We train AI algorithms to classify the image data into pre-defined segments. First and foremost, we need a set of images as our initial training data set. We then define the segments in which the image data needs to be segregated. The highly common image data input parameters are the total number of images, number of channels, image dimensions, and the number of levels per pixel. We leverage AI in image analytics to classify and categorize these images efficiently.

Data Labeling

OSP’ AI in image analytics help to manually label the input image data so that the AI algorithm can eventually learn to make the predictions on its own. Our image analytics AI strives to identify the actual object or text in a specific image, differentiating whether the word or object is oriented inappropriately. It also identifies whether the script is in English or other languages. To automate the automated image tagging and annotation of images, multiple natural language pipelines can be applied. The artificial intelligence image analytics utilizes rectified linear unit for the non-linear activation functions as they perform better and decrease training time.

Image Analytics

Image analytics allows you to anticipate trends as well as future outcomes and behaviors with statistical algorithms and image analytics AI software. Our custom AI in image analytics software solutions lets you discover purchase trends, measure future demand and reasonably manage your resources thanks to inventory forecasting. We can create and deploy a specific predictive model which enables your organization to function more efficiently even if you are from sectors such as oil & gas, finance, banking, retail and more.

Pattern Recognition

Image recognition and analysis are more about identifying the pattern. OSP’ customized ai in image analytics offers a good understanding of what links together the images you’ve uploaded. It can be utilized to look for that pattern in new uploads, spitting out a number for how well it thinks the new images match it. The AI-based image pattern recognition has its application in a wide variety of situation to identify the weather changes, training machine learning systems to analyze images of breast cancer cells, analyzing MRI scans and more. The pattern recognition can offer early detection is potentially life-saving by presenting unproven patterns and correlations.

Visual Search

OSP has the potential to build customized image analytics AI software that can replicate the human ability to find visually exact and similar images from a vast image dataset. This can be achieved without any training and can be applied to images of any content. Our tailored image analytics AI solutions are customizable with a special suite of algorithms for each use case, replicating the most natural way of presenting perfect image search and analytics results. OSP’ image analytics AI follows a unique workflow that processes photos uploaded to the system and extracts metadata from the image such as geolocation, size/format, time, etc. It then uses image recognition to tag objects, faces, and sentiments in the photo.

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Text-in Image Detection

OSP can solve text in image detection, character recognition along with language detection challenge with customized image analytics AI software solutions. We use a variant of K-means clustering and multiple modules such as edge features, texture descriptors, and shape contexts. Our image analytics AI solutions leverage multi-layered neural network architectures to character recognition and are competitive with other leading methods. With synthetic augmentations of these datasets, we can add synthetic examples with random distortions and image filters applied to recognize text in image accurately.

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Facial Recognition

OSP' artificial intelligence image analytics is customized to detect, log and identify faces AI-based computer vision technology. The solutions search the existing database of faces and compares them with the faces identified in an image or video to find a match or people of interest. The solution can be customized to leverage AI in image analytics to offer real-time alerts upon recognizing certain faces in the scene. The facial recognition can be helpful in forensic investigations and security systems. Our image analytics AI solutions can recognize faces to identify and capture human faces from still images, pre-recorded video clips, and live video.

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Object Recognition

OSP provides customized image analytics software solutions that with an ability to automatically identify objects from within a photo image. The system can segment and identify multiple numbers of complex items from within a single image. We leverage the Tenserflow Object Detection API built on the top of built on top of TensorFlow code describing the architecture for convolutional neural networks. Our artificial intelligence powered image analytics has the capability to process multiple parameters in a single image parallelly such as scale, texture, colour, and shape. OSP' tailored AI-based Image analytics that learns from your data and iterates through all the images until it is able to predict the accurate results.

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