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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Manual Internal Audit

Highly manual labor intensive audit processes with biases in audit selection and conventional methods.

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Duplication of Efforts

Filling out reams of paperwork manually, while duplicating the efforts to make auditing notes.

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Weak Risk Analysis

Inability to analyze the potential risk patterns to offer accurate and timely auditing.

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Pattern Recognition

Inability to recognize data trends, regressions, error patterns and data anomalies.

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Ambiguity in Reports

Confusion and ambiguity in audit reports by multiple human auditors hindering report accuracy.

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Compliance Auditing

Inability to automatically audit required compliance to ensure the accuracy of data to be audited.

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AI in Auditing Process to Work Faster and Smarter

Well-structured and customized artificial intelligence in auditing solution for internal auditing that is no longer tedious.


Intelligent Auditing Assistance

Our AI in Auditing Solutions leverages advanced visualizations and a data-driven task management system, to offer in-depth analysis of data. Today’s complex auditing challenges require a blended approach to advanced analytics and data science combined with sensible business rules as per the needs of every industry. We help businesses by bringing AI in Auditing where the machine learning model learns over time what a includes transaction looks like. Then it uses the underlying model to assign a risk score to each transaction so that it can bring forward the ones that deserve the most attention.

AI-driven Audit Reporting

We leverage AI in Auditing Solutions to deliver customized real-time auditing software solutions. Our solutions help to deploy centralized analysis, Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA) management tools, and database driven reports. Our tailored accounting ML solutions encourage and facilitate data exploration to present the analysis and bring detailed risk ratings.

Audit Planning Systems

Audit planning and scheduling can be covered by OSP’ with machine learning in auditing. For every specific audit documentation, an appropriate framework is available. The system manager can leverage the reports and reviews offered by machine learning model while minding the gaps in the previous audits to craft the new engagement’s risk and control matrix. Our AI in Auditing Solutions includes calendar integration, risk assessment tools, cost estimators, task assignment, time/frequency-based controls, audit resource management, and more with responsive UI.

Role-Based Access Control

OSP’ accounting ML solutions are designed aptly to apply industry standard encryption technology and regulatory protocols. The data of each client is separately stored securely. The auditing data is accessible only to those having been granted permission. With a powerful and intuitive interface offers role-based access control with stringent security measures.

Intelligent Data Sampling

Data sampling is one of the crucial steps in an auditing process. It helps to determine material misstatements in financial statements. In the ideal situation, the human auditor would examine every transaction to determine material misstatements. Although this is not feasible for an auditor, our accounting AI solutions can assess every transaction to determine the most anomalous transactions to provide special auditory attention. We apply artificial intelligence in accounting to sort through the given accounting data and select the highest risk items. It pinpoints the entries you should investigate first based on your methodology and policy.

Journal Entry Testing

Our advanced accounting ML solutions have the potential to meet and exceed the requirements of CAS 240 and create value for your clients. We customize artificial intelligence in accounting solution leverage AI and machine learning combined with traditional control points to analyze each general ledger entry. It can provide a risk-based report of anomalies for your audit analysis. We believe in the analysis of 100% of transactions and not just sampling of data.

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Risk Adjustment Auditing

OSP' accounting AI solutions help to automatically identify risks, controls, and other key factors within given audit documentation. The risk summery helps to map out knowledge graph of multiple entity relationships making AI in accounting more comprehensive and accurate. We leverage AI in accounting to segment risk statements with high similarities. Our solution is incorporated with a machine learning model that trains itself to identify the areas of possible audit efficiencies.

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Efficient Internal Auditing

Leveraging artificial intelligence in auditing with advanced algorithms, our AI in auditing solutions learn from a huge number of metadata elements. Our solution includes the machine learning in auditing to apply that learning to improve the speed and quality of integrations across data and applications. OSP' auditing machine learning solutions solve crucial auditing issues like audit completeness, better report investigation, and ensuring best practices during an internal audit. Applying ML in auditing enhances audit functions by resolving routine legwork without compromising the quality.

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Comprehensive Data Analysis

OSP' custom solutions leveraging artificial intelligence in accounting offer 100% in-depth audit data analysis and offer a complete overview. Our solutions with ML in accounting identify unusual transactions. It is carried out by automatically detecting the monetary flaws to provide you with an unparalleled view into the state of your data. OSP' auditing machine learning solutions help you understand individual transactions better and identify potential issues. We aim to automate the audit process with artificial intelligence in accounting that aligns with the size and purpose of the audit and fits the client’s business, industry, and operational structure.

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