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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Complex Audits and Asset Estimates

Tedious auditing procedures and asset estimates have been burdening accountants, causing a drain on the industry.

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Lack of Innovation

The accounting industry has been lacking innovation and most accounting firms are heavily paper-based with slow processes.

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Accounting Prone Errors

The complexities of the accounting system make it prone to errors that are sometimes difficult to identify by the human eye.

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Increasing Frauds

With the inclusion of online transactions and multi-device accessibility, the world of accounting is more complex than before.

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Lack of Personalization

With stringent systems in the traditional accounting models, customers are increasingly dissatisfied with services.

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Risk Factors

Due to the nature of the industry, the risk factors are considerably high and errors can have serious repercussions for the business.

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AI in Accounting to Lead to Competitive Advantage

Advanced AI for accounting technologies that will boost accounting efficiency and slash operational complexities


Natural Language Processing

A distinguished AI for accounting solution that uses natural language processing tools to read and analyse volumes of contracts and deeds. It can further identify key features and terms, highlight them and offer risk assessments for accountants. The speedy analysis of data is a means by which operational performance can be driven and specialization can be accurately practiced.

Machine-based Learning

Leveraging machine learning through AI in accounting software mitigates the complicated problems associated with billing, by sorting through volumes of disparate bills and automating systems and highlighting accounts that seem to be amiss. Additionally, the large data sets provide intelligent analysis towards research and development, accurate assessments of contracts, etc.

Financial Data Aggregation Platform

Among other AI in accounting software solutions, this platform leverages data-related API services and personal finance apps to consumers. It creates wealth development and allows customers to be exposed to automated suggestions for new opportunities by keeping a usage record of asset information and accounts. The technology harnesses efficiency of accountants and customer satisfaction.

Fraud Detection AI Solution

This AI in accounting software offers a solution toward fraud detection and compliance of expense by identifying intentional and accidental fraud situations. It also automatically provides real-time updates on relevant information with regard to the details of accounting, such as policies, rules and regulations. Expenses are validated in an automated fashion and alerts are sent for disparate cases.

Real-time AR Analytics

An AI in accounting software solution that can provide predictions on cash flow in accounting and track AR-related activities. The customers receive an instant advantage through the reduction of outstanding receivables and a reduced level of day sales outstanding. All customer information is holistically stored on an integrated platform and trends are highlighted.

Voice-to-Data Technology

Among other AI-based accounting solutions, this technology automates the process of bookkeeping through the use of voice-to-data conversion. It verifies transactions in an automated manner and arranges transactions on a common platform for holistic viewing and management. Accountants and customers are freed from tedious processes and require a minimal input level to create digital information.

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Use Cases

What We Offer?

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1.We deployed our AI-based accounting solutions to simplify the process of account and finance management through the creation of customized formulas, recording techniques and dashboards. Our cloud-based servers were used as recipients for digital archiving for seamless searching and extraction of required information.

Among our suite of AI accounting services, we use natural language generation to simplify the tax and accounting business, wherein our software produces intelligent texts that simplify complicated taxing processes for various clients. The software further offers reports and actionable information to simplify the task of accountants and aids them in offering finance-related advice to their customers in a reliable fashion.

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Data Gathering and Mining

Accounting AI solutions are deployed to review, sort and analyze high volumes of contracts and accounting documents to provide holistic outcomes. The software shifts through numerous documents and provides insightful information to accountants for further action. A task that originally required more than 10 accountants can now be completed by 1 or 2, in half the time.

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Cloud-based Hosting

Accounting AI solutions are applied toward financial management of mortgages, insurance claims, etc. in a comprehensive online portal that can be accessed across multiple devices. Every customer is further assigned with a virtual assistant to manage their accounting needs. Financial needs can be managed in real-time and modifications can be instantly applied.

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