Telehealth - The New Normal

August 20,2020

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Webinar Transcript

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Here's a short article that encapsulates Jamey's views and insights on the recent healthcare changes and the rise of Telehealth as a mainstream solution. Read more on Jamey's answers to questions on Telehealth and EHR, HIPAA compliance, and PHI.

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Webinar At-A-Glance Deck

If you have just 5 minutes, then this is for you.

You can quickly scan the discussion between Nick and Jamey on a variety of topics in Telehealth and its applications and see Jamey's responses to the attendees' questions.

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Client Case Study

The use of mobile technologies to achieve health objectives (mHealth) has the potential to transform health service delivery across the US. Remote care solutions are changing patient-provider relationships, and dramatically promoting better health outcomes. Find out how OSP's custom mHealth and Telehealth solutions paved the way for the providers to engage patients and offer the best quality care delivery.

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