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Wearables carry your life with you. Allow us to enhance your living experience
with the right applications.
Our Possibilities Made To Wear
The capability to do it all with a touch. The world is at your wrist.

As with the accessories you wear, your smartwatch is an extension of you. Make it function how you want with a customized display and designs, edit your pictures, personalize notifications, access your mails and locate your friends. We’re using the latest wearable technology to ensure your smartwatch allows you to bring all the important parts of your life together.

Entertain while you train and burn that extra calorie

Getting yourself into shape is a monumental goal to achieve, which is why we provide applications that measure more than how much you run. Enhance your fitness band with features like a diet and fitness plan, calorie measurement, in depth analysis of your workouts and personalized workout regimes. We’ll change you from training hard to training smart.

Power Google Glass to be the right device for you

We envision a future where our applications on Google Glass become the source for concrete information of our environment. We are using our technologies, people, and expertise to shape several application categories in business and daily use including Fitness, Infotainment, Healthcare, IT, manufacturing and many more.


Applications for wearables that are truly wearable

As the biggest companies realise the potential in smart clothing, we endeavour to collaborate with them and create applications that change the definition of wearables. Applications that track your activity as you run, a camera embedded in your clothes to click a picture at your command. Smart clothing will change how wearables are seen and we will change your experience of smart clothing.

Monitor each pulse and heartbeat to know your health like you never before

Health is a vast topic and wearables contain the technology and scope to bring it all together. Vital and real-time insights, like non-invasive sensors that can detect skin response for tracking stress; blood glucose levels to reduce the cost of handling diabetes; and pulse transit time (PTT) to check blood pressure, can be communicated to your doctor within a second. Your health matters and wearables ensure you don’t miss one vital statistic.

What if you can keep track of your precious one every time

When you divert your eyes for a second and your pet wanders off, you never have to be scared again. When you send your children to your neighbors home, you don’t have to wait anxiously for a phone call to know they are safe. Wearable safety monitors allow you to integrate an application right into your smartphone or smartwatch, so you can track the exact movement of your precious one. Never worry again and let them explore the world.

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