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Making Your Retail Business
“Customer Smart”

Expand your business reach by gaining and pleasing new customers through products
that are in the trend achieved by an organized inventory to modernize your retail business.
Obstacles Stopping You From
Realizing Retail Excellence

Manual Point of Sale

Manual POS process have longer wait times for customers and a POS system with efficiency and quickness hosted on cloud processes payments quicker, automates purchase orders and simplifies the purchase process for a customer.


E-Commerce Need

More than 90% of retail industries have adopted online expansion and your website isn’t noticeable on the world wide web without an e-commerce solution which lets you bring your products online to broaden your business horizons.


Traditional Inventory

Managing inventory is difficult through traditional support and an inventory management software allows you track and analyse each product in your stock for location, productivity and availability and ensures inventory optimization.


Unsatisfied Customers

Every customer is unique with different needs and information and is the most valuable asset of a shop. In-store mobile applications offer every deal, coupon, news, product information and navigation capabilities on their screens for a rich experience.


Promoting Wrong Products

The value of products peak at a certain time and fall at other times and an analysis tool that compares market trends to products and shelf those items that have high current value need to put on front shelfs for profits.

Creating Better Solutions
For Retail Growth


Cloud-Based POS

Point-of-sale to point of productivity

Every part of the process from accepting a card transaction to giving the receipt to a customer is quicker on a POS device. Customer data is stored on cloud for ease in repeat purchases. Purchase orders can be automated to ensure products that sell are restocked and always on the shelf.

Retail E-Commerce

Expand your online presence

Access customers as far and wide as you want with products segmented into categories with easy user interface and integration. Integrate any major payment gateway of your choice for quick online transactions. Customize offerings for niche products to attract specified customer bases with intelligent and innovative designs to ensure an e-commerce platform that powers your business.

Inventory Management

Stock smart for a successful inventory

Systemized item classification into groups eases workload and smart software allows real time notifications for out of stock items improving product replenishment. Automated charting of sold products facilitates product sale forecasting which brings good stock into the inventory. Overall inventory analysis notifies danger of excess stock letting your retail inventory be a boon, not a burden.

In-Store Mobile

Show off every offering

Wi-Fi triangulation allows us to build apps that include in-store navigation capabilities. Individual prices and offers are displayed when they walk past a product through BLE scanners along with ready customer support. Loyalty points are added to customer accounts spurring repeat purchases and notifications regarding new offers can be conveyed on-the-go making the customer you friend.

Retail Market Analysis

Shelf the products that sell

Using the best analytical tools and resources, our software gather data from specific industries to classify and recognize trends in each sector. Relaying the information in real-time, allows you to pick and choose products that have high market value at a particular moment. Grab that new product that is causing a stir and put it at the front of your shelf to keep up with each retail trend.

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