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Is Your Logistics Business

Geo-locate shipments, cargos and trucks driven with route planners
to reach quicker at an optimized inventory and bring together your logistics network.
Logistic Problems
Harming Your Business

Tracking Difficulties

In the world of logistics management there are various elements that need to be coordinated and tracked to achieve perfection and excellence.


Navigation Hurdles

Research states that more than 70% of delays are due to traffic holdups, road maintenance and longer navigation routes being used by drivers.


Long Delivery Process

Receive, enter and classify an order, schedule departing-arriving times and proof of delivery are tasks that get extremely tedious for manual systems.


Unregulated Inventory

Unused inventory takes up space which can be occupied by more profitable, in-demand items leading to low productivity and loss of crucial business.

Solutions Made Possible
For Your Challenges

Delivered Order
Tracking Mobile App

Track Everything at Once

In a complex process, an application designed to track shipments, vehicles and drivers can deliver a combined solution on a single platform.

With geo-fencing and GPS integrated, determination of when a vehicle enters or exits an area along with the exact location of the shipment is possible. Effectively monitor the process of delivery and extend visibility into your entire supply chain, right from your application.

Delivery Route
Planner Provided

Travel Smart On Long Journeys

An application that can collect data from its surrounding to generate a live traffic feed through road sensors and real-time signals can make journeys quicker.

Carriers can track the exact location of their trucks, every turn can be monitored to select quicker routes, loads can be measured with truck weight and height recommendations to allow faster transportation to deliver a solution that makes you drive and work smart.

Engineered Delivery
Management System

Modernize Your Delivery Process

From the receiving of an order to the delivery of the package, an application can be empowered to take your entire delivery process digital.

Through scanning systems on an app you can schedule a delivery calendar for in and out times. Barcodes are used to scan the entire process and ensure delivery proof of an order. Employees can use digital signatures to log in and out with ease. Reduce the long hours wasted on sheets and go automatic with your delivery process.

Developed Cloud-Based Inventory
Management Software
Transform Inventory From Obsolete To Optimized
An inventory optimization software hosted on cloud using ERP, can analyze your entire inventory to prioritize and optimize stock.
It can identify excess and obsolete stock and replace it with profitable items in high demand. Integrating ERP into the software allows systematic analysis of the stock level required and automates the replenishment and procurement processes eliminating human guesstimates.
Real Business. Real Results.
Transformation That Has Changed The Game For GSNS
An old-school logistics service provider from Canada, GSNS, is now revamped to
best-of-breed web and mobile application making delivery easier for customers and drivers.
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