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How AI is Impacting Accounting, Lending & Security in Finance Industry

The current impressive progress in artificial intelligence in financial services is propelled by the rising complexity of challenges and the enormous volume of data from consumers and market players. The data explosion is clearly the key enabler. AI and machine learning-based applications have touched and perfected various areas in finance sector: sentiment analysis, fraud detection, credit scoring, trading signals, risk management models, capital optimization trading portfolio management, regulatory compliance, etc.

AI in financial security is gaining huge popularity due to its potential to go beyond human capabilities. We will discuss AI in lending and load management, AI accounting to understand how advanced AI algorithms and deep learning techniques are offering valuable insights, improving decisions, and mitigating the possible financial risks.


AI in Accounting:

Artificial Intelligence has arrived within the accounting industry with a bang. Large accounting firms have invested in high-end technologies that considerably reduce the length of time required by accountants to conduct audits and estimates.

The Challenges before Artificial Intelligence:


The AI Solution for Accounting:

AI in Lending and Loan Management:

Lending and loan management is a business that affects every avenue of the economy. The huge burdens of loan and lending can be eased with the use of technologies that can substantially improve the market through innovation. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into play.

The Challenges before Artificial Intelligence:


The AI Solution for Lending and Loan Management:

AI for Financial Security:

With the ever increasing digital presence of customer’s and their finances, traditional digital security methods have turned inadequate to provide security against even the most basic type of attacks. Fraud and money laundering is an ever-increasing concern of financial institutions.

The Challenges before Artificial Intelligence:

The AI Solution for Financial Security:


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