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Enhancing Healthcare Organizations
With Patient-Driven Possibilities
Revolutionize healthcare for future by monitoring each patient on the go, securing confidential health
records and transmitting vital information across globes to save more and more lives.
New-Age Pains Of Growing
Health Sectors

Daily Health Checkups

The health of a patient needs to be checked daily and the solutions need to be modified accordingly for proper individual care.


Communication Gap

Healthcare treatment is a complex problem with challenges emerging each day and communication among the best minds is essential.


Health Data Breach

In the last 6 years, 1 million reports have been filed for breach of sensitive patient data pointing to major security issues.


Unregulated Inventory

While performing detailed surgery, patient information and practice demos are unavailable for doctors to access.

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Patient Care App

Make Your Patient, Your Friend

An app that enables patients to store, access and monitor daily medical information and progress, can fill a necessary gap in the long process of medical treatment.

With a cloud-driven eCare platform, a patient can upload daily information such as meals eaten, medications taken and status of vital stats. A personalized dashboard allows the doctor to make recommendations, renew prescriptions, video/teleconference and transfer medical records.

Electronic Health
Information Systems

Gain and Share Valuable Knowledge

In matters of life and death when time is of the essence, an application that can reference cases and analyze medicines to provide quick solutions, can revolutionize the world of healthcare.

A database filled with medical cases uploaded by doctors after consent, can allow physicians, nurses across nations to quickly look up the right medication for the right treatment and avoid adverse combinations. Case studies of similar patients can be referenced by doctors before surgeries.

Health Record
Security Solutions

Secure Sensitive Medical Information

With patient information needing to be secured, the need of the hour is an integrated software solution to provide a sealed system.

An app designed to apply strong network security tools which protect stored information, while keeping a close eye on the network to detect unusual levels of activity leading to theft. Data encryption and guarding against exploits such as SQL injection allows Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.

Smart Glass
Surgical Applications
Visualize Each Detail When You Operate
Doctors require exact precision when performing surgeries and in a world of virtual reality, demos and visual references become possible while on the job.
An application on Google Glass can allow doctors to transmit critical data from medical records and view a patients’ live stats during surgical procedures without having to look away from the patient. Doctors can technical details and view case studies in settings, where it is most required.
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Health Future Made Possible For eClinics
A web application that makes patient health management easier for doctors and nurses through easy health
record upload, appointment scheduling, video conference meetups, and e-prescription system.
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