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Complex Process

When there are a million tasks to perform and thousands of details to study and analyze, a solution is needed to bring every stat, task and activity on one platform for convenient access.


Portfolio Mismanagement

The investment portfolio of a financial company reflects its profit, standing and power in the market and a system is required to properly manage it for powerful business results.


On-The-Go Trading

As the forex market changes by the second, an application is required that is smart, logical and on the watch for profitable trades to make the right move, is a partner each trader needs.


Manual Accounting

If your accountant spends hours in the office scribbling entries about pay checks and bills and invoices and payrolls, your business needs an accounting software to lessen efforts.


Traditional Banking

From opening a new account to making a million transactions, from receiving checks to arranging transfers a solution is needed to bring your customers every need right to their homes.

Solutions Built To Make
Your Finance Future Bright


Integrated Finance
Management Solution

Bring Your Financial World Together

A streamlined financial industry app gives you a real-time look into your spending and buying habits, budgets and debts. It keeps a track of your investments and profits, categorizes it and tells you when your company approaches the budget limit. Forecasting and scheduling tools allow systematic planning for repayment of debts and managing your entire financial world at once.

Portfolio Management

Powerful Business Analysis

Intuitive current analysis and investment-simulation capabilities, with risk and rewards metrics allow selection of profitable investments. Current portfolio management capabilities include classification of stocks and bonds, investments according to debt and surplus, brokerage trading accounts help strengthen your competitive advantage and let you focus on the growth of your business.

On-The-Go Forex

Take Trading With You, Wherever You Go

A forex trading application measures live currency price statistics and trends to locate spread discrepancies, price rises and exchange rates for profitable trades. Infographics visualized through charts, sheets and graphs allow easy viewing and understanding of the market. Remote access capability is a major advantage for traders looking to capitalize and grow their business.

Business Accounting

Manage Your Accounts The Easy Way

Create professional invoices with specifics tailored to your business to schedule for automated delivery. Integrate your payroll to the software for proper classification of your workforce. Modify and access it from anywhere at any time. Manage your cash-flow with instant entries as they occur to organize all your accounting tasks on one platform.

Mobile Banking

The Optimum Banking Experience.

A mobile banking app customers check balances, register and open accounts, pay bills, schedule intra and interbank transfers. Built-in cameras allow you to remotely deposit checks. Receive notifications and alerts, search ATMs using geolocation capabilities and contact customer support at a click.

Real Business. Real Results.
How Aura-Fx Became A Trading Champion
Creating a technologically advanced website we integrated MetaTrader 4.0 to provide resources that allow
traders to compare prices, analyze trades, and practice automated trading techniques.
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