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Cloud is a versatile tool which allows various strategies to be formed on it, enabling a company to match the right solution with the right problem.
Secure your work environment from emerging problems with system protection, privacy, compliance and transparency.
By adopting the latest techniques, cloud builds a next-gen environment for your business so you can devote your resources to customers.

Cloud Solutions Built To Perform



A business is never on a single platform. In today’s digital world, companies need a presence across the market.

When a need for multiple systems arises, we ensure you can run your business on everything. Our teams create SaaS solutions on cloud-computing platforms – Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and Rackspace – so that you benefit from their high performance and on-demand service.

Cloud Application

Applications on cloud allow decreased costs, reduced downtime, and less management effort by providing an unlimited storage platform for your business needs.

Building apps from scratch to benefit your business, we enhance your productivity and transform your business experience. Work or play, we get your business to go with you by developing apps the cloud, across web and mobile platforms.

Logistics Management

Using cloud, measure the order weight by analytics and track the vehicle through geolocation allowing proper loading and real-time insights. Create an optimized travel route through maps and ensure right delivery through barcodes. From the order being placed to delivering the package, cloud offers a complete logistic solution.

Forex Trading

Creating a grid-based cloud, applications which measure analytics such as trade cost, current value, yield, and market risk for a particular portfolio of clients can be accessed all at once. It creates a platform of results and stats which can be cross-referenced and mixed with each other to derive a properly analyzed solution each time for the trading market.

Healthcare Cloud App

Cloud empowers the medical industry to not only schedule tele-surgeries and tele-consultations on devices, but also video-conferences, health record exchange, and home monitoring. Quicker communication at the time of need, easy consultation, check-ins on demand and access to every little medical detail, makes cloud the pioneer technology for patient care.

Education App Migrated To Cloud
Transform Inventory From Obsolete To Optimized
Cloud computing is the fastest growing technology in today’s world, making it essential for a business to migrate their onsite data and their applications to the cloud in order to stay competitive.
Individuals with years of knowledge and expertise allow a seamless transition from the old to the gen-next, matching the service to the complexity and size of your company. Modernize your work to a cost-effective, smart and reliable experience.
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Blurbsurfer Created A Mega-Branding Website
A cloud based solution for sharing videos stories of brands from different industries and
connecting products across nations on one platform, making advertising easier.
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